This bonkers San Jose Sharks intro video is dripping in ’90s nostalgia

This is so very '90s.

Andrew Lynch

The ’90s were a weird time, friends.

First of all, everyone was obsessed with the color teal. We don’t know why. Yes, it’s an awesome color, but the way teal took over sports with the Charlotte Panthers, Charlotte Hornets and San Jose Sharks is a phenomenon that will baffle scientists for centuries to come.

We also weren’t completely sure how to use computers — but someone with the Sharks, who just clinched the first Stanley Cup berth of their 25-year existence, definitely had some ideas about what to do with all this new-fangled technology.

As FOX Sports colleague Dieter Kurtenbach reminded us this week, the Sharks’ original in-arena introduction video, which they debuted after moving to the San Jose Arena in 1993, is absolutely bonkers. Make sure you have your volume on, because the music and sound effects are top-notch, too:

Now, we’re no biologists, but we’re 99.99999 percent sure that SHARKS DO NOT HAVE LEGS:

This is like someone put a Trapper Keeper, Jeff Goldblum’s The Fly, and Windows 95 in a blender, then poured the resulting mixture onto YouTube. It’s ridiculous. It’s mind-blowing. And for some reason that isn’t quite clear, it’s also kind of creepy.

Regardless, we’re very grateful that the Sharks have kept this video on their official page. Any time we need to rewind 20 years into the past, we know where to turn.