New York Islanders Are Not That Far From Turning a Corner

The New York Islanders have made a tough start to the new season. Despite being some of the most passionate fans in the league, even the most hardcore Islander fans patience is currently being tested. When you break down the Isles squad, despite the constant line changes, we are not that far away from turning the corner.

I am a person who is always optimistic about the New York Islanders. My loyalty is never questioned and my dedication un-wilting. I am a baby of hockey since moving over from England but even in my younger years of being part of the Orange and Blue I can see we have problems.

I have been spoiled with playoff campaigns in three of my first five years but I am at a loss as to how to explain why we are having to watch what we are at the moment.

If you break it down playerbyplayer, line-by-line I think I can work out what and where the issue might be.

The New York Islanders fourth line is, in my opinion, Cal Clutterbuck, Casey Cizikas, and Nikolai KuleminNotice how Andrew Ladd isn’t amongst those names.

There is a strong case for Brock Nelson, Josh Bailey and Anthony Beauvillier as a 2nd line. This has a good level of two-way ability and board battling skills. Like Bailey or not, he is consistently average.

You take Jason Chimera and Shane Prince, who I think is an excellent third line skater, and then you have a mix of speed, strength, enthusiasm and experience on the third line. Sprinkle in Ryan Strome, who should really be playing center.

When you break it down like this, are we really that far from a team that could find their form again? I guess it depends on how far from a scoring winger we maybe.

Making the Trade

The top line should be John Tavares and Andrew Ladd. Ladd is a proven player. Form is temporary, class is permanent. But two players don’t make a line.

Adding a winger is something that we all know the Isles. Snow knows it, but is seemingly unwilling to do the one thing that may at this point bring in a good top 6 forward; trade youth.

There have apparently been some teams that have said they are willing to discuss a trade with the Islanders but, Snow is unwilling to give up the young forwards people are demanding. You’ve got to trade from strength to get strength.

This season is not just any old season. This season is about showing our Captain we will not regress and we will not accept going back to the days of being the basement laughing stock of the NHL.

Now I have never conducted a trade and I have no real idea of who might be available, but I can see something has to be done. If the Islanders arrive back in Brooklyn next Monday with any less than a winning road trip, high prospect pool or not, they need to change something and something quick.

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