Blues become second NHL team to use bactericidal workout equipment

It's not always healthy to hug a teammate, but the St. Louis Blues are looking for interesting ways to stop the spread of germs.
Jasen Vinlove/Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues created some interesting headlines recently when they followed in the steps of the Los Angeles Kings by implementing training equipment with bactericidal copper in their workout facilities this year. 

The Blues will use Black Iron Strength dumbbells and attachments made with CuVerro bactericidal copper in the hopes of decreasing the risk of germs spreading via workout equipment. 

“We have battled the issue of cleanliness and do a lot of disinfecting everyday but it's not always perfect,” said Blues head strength and conditioning coach Nelson Ayotte in a press release. “Sixty players mean 60 pairs of hands, so this helps us be more efficient because we can spend time on something else versus constant disinfecting. It gives me peace of mind.”

The move comes one year after an outbreak of mumps spread rapidly throughout the NHL. The Blues had a few players who were sick around the time of the beginning of the outbreak, but the team did not have any confirmed mumps cases. Even when illnesses like the mumps are not spreading throughout the NHL, however, the bactericidal workout equipment seems like a good way to help prevent the spread of more minor bugs that typically make their way through team locker rooms.

Both the Kings and Blues will look to demonstrate this year that this new equipment can make a difference in the team's health, showing teams will look anywhere in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. 

(h/t Business Wire)

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