John Scott: NHL wasn’t ‘excited about me playing in the [All-Star] game’

Fans created quite a controversy by voting John Scott in as the captain of the Pacific Division All-Star squad.
Bill Wippert

The NHL finally settled an All-Star controversy this week when it announced John Scott, the fan-voted captain of the Pacific Division’s All-Star squad, would keep his spot in the game despite a trade last Friday that sent him from the Arizona Coyotes to the Montreal Canadiens.

Scott is a depth player in the league whose numbers are not close to being All-Star worthy, and the NHL apparently was not happy about fans voting Scott into the game, according to what Scott said in a phone interview with SportsNet Tuesday. 

Via SportsNet

“They weren’t really excited about me playing in the game, I’ll just say that,” Scott said in the interview.”

The 33-year-old has played in 11 NHL games this season and is currently playing for the St. John’s Ice Caps, the AHL affiliate of the Montreal Canadiens. As a Pacific Division captain who no longer plays in the Pacific Division or the NHL, it is hard to predict what jersey Scott will be wearing for the All-Star Game, but according to one reporter, Scott is looking to stay loyal to his current team. 

It looks like the jersey questions are just another element of this wacky All-Star sideshow.