New York Islanders Daily: The Struggling Jason Chimera

As a unit the New York Islanders have struggled. That includes veteran Jason Chimera who hasn’t lived up to his expectations so far this year.

When the New York Islanders signed Jason Chimera they were hoping to get a cheaper and a more offensively productive player than Matt Martin. Well, Chimera isn’t giving you anything offensively and he doesn’t bring you the same physical presence that Martin does.

With Chimera’s struggles Brian Erni believes it’s time to bench him. He makes the case for Ryan Strome and Shane Prince playing due to their higher ceiling.

He’s got a point, Chimera isn’t going to be here long term. Chimera was signed to a two year deal and I wouldn’t expect him to be re-signed when his contract is up.

Why would you play him if he does nothing for your future and isn’t producing in the present. It would make more sense for the Islanders to play Strome even though he’s been just as bad on offense just because of his age and the likelihood of Strome being here long term.

The only reason to play Chimera is to showcase him for a trade. He’s got a team friendly contract and maybe someone takes a chance on him based off his 40 point year last year. The Isles would be much better suited scratching Chimera or trading him. Continuing to run him out there with no purpose is pointless.

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