New York Islanders Daily: Struggles Fall On Garth Snow

The New York Islanders early season struggles can be traced back to Garth Snow as he didn’t do enough to improve the team.

In Jeff Capellini’s column he went on a bit of a rant how some issues just never seem to change, it was beyond justified. The New York Islanders GM has to be held accountable.

First of all the team is not as good as they were last year, on paper or the actual on ice product. The key free agent acquisitions aren’t producing as Andrew Ladd and Jason Chimera are still goalless.

It all boils down to not having a proper winger for John Tavares. Outside of Thomas Vanek for half a season, JT has spent his entire career with a revolving door of wingers.

The Islanders have to find a true sniper says Capellini. It’s not 1970 anymore, you can’t build a team the way the Islanders are trying to do it. Free agency and trades play too big of a role in this salary cap era of sports.

Windows of opportunities aren’t open forever. The Islanders have waited long enough, they have to go for it now, and it starts with getting a real scorer in here.

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