New York Islanders All-Star Voting for Berube

The NHL has released it’s new ‘John Scott’ for it’s All-Star voting, and it’s done nothing to quell the irony seeker who are making a plea for the New York Islanders third string goalie to be named the Metropolitan division captain.

Fans will still have the ability to vote for a single player in every division for the All-Star game. And a plea for New York Islanders third string goalie Jean-Francois Berube has begun.

I get it. The poor guy can’t buy a start right now. He’s been a healthy scratch for the last two years. He got a look last year, but that required Jaroslav Halak to go down with a season-ending injury.

Assuming that doesn’t happen again, Berube is looking at a full season as a practice squad keeper. Not exactly the career he thought he’d have.

So, if fans can get enough votes together they could buy him a start on the big stage at the NHL’s All-Star game. Either forcing Garth Snow to see his value or at the very least it puts Berube in the shop window for the other 29 teams to see his potential worth.

John Scott Rule

The so-called “John Scott rule” states that player who are injured or are sent to the AHL will be removed from all-star voting contention. Based on that rule Berube fits. The Isles won’t risk putting Berube on waivers.

But let’s be real here, does this do anything else but add more unnecessary negative press to this already turmoiled franchise?

We already have to deal with ice issues. We have to deal with issues surrounding management’s missteps in the free agent window. How about a number one goaltender that doesn’t want to be here. And constant rapprochements from the Toronto market for our star player?

Fans don’t want to be laughing stocks, well this certainly won’t help. This isn’t Heart, where, you can win by losing every hand. It’s your vote, do what you want with it.

But making a mockery of your own team won’t make anything better. It won’t make Garth Snow realize the folly of his ways. Nor will it make Ledecky and Malkin realize that their team might be in a bit of a pickle. All of those parties already know that.

I just hope that you’ll avoid being the ironic-hipster yielding their power of a vote for a quick joke. That’s my old man yelling at cloud rant for the day.

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