Carolina Hurricanes Link Storm 2 Electric Boogaloo

Is it Sunday?  Then we gather the best links in the Caneaverse for your reading pleasure.

This Sunday like last Sunday finds Carolina Hurricanes fans excited about another win.   Full of hope not yet dashed by the resulting week’s results.  The Hurricanes are fresh off a 3-2 shootout win over the Nashville Predators.  They return home and immediately face the New Jersey Devils who also played last night so both teams should be tired.

Hopefully, this one goes better than last week’s game against the Flyers.  I was there in person it was hurtful trust me.  The game doesn’t start until 6 pm this afternoon.   In order to get your hockey fix until game time, the editors here at Cardiac Cane compiled weekly links concerning all things Canes.

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One Link to Rule them All

  • Greg Wyshnyski from Puck Daddy talks about the problems facing the Carolina Hurricanes this season.  We are totally listing this because it is a well-written piece of sports journalism about the Carolina Hurricanes.  It’s totally not because he quoted our very own Cardiac Cane Editor Matt Barlowe in the article.  That’s not the reason at all.  Go read it.
  • Kyle Morton over at Canes Country writes an article about some of the stats behind Carolina’s blown leads.  A very interesting look at the Hurricanes’ Corsi stats filtered by being up one goal or more.  It’s a take on Corsi you don’t see many people do on teams as usually most just adjust for Score.  It’s something I wish people did more often for a more nuanced view than simple score adjusting.
  • Matt Karash over at Canes and Coffee writes a good eye test article about the play of the Hurricanes’ young defense so far this year.  Breaks down each player’s strengths and weakness very well.  If you’re wanting a balance to all the stat-heavy analysis out there then this is the perfect article for you.
  • J. C. Bobbit writes at Section 321 about the good things that happened to the Canes so far in the season.  Of course it was a very short list, but still a good read nonetheless.  Stop by and check it out and buy some of their cool merchandise.  I would buy it all but my contract here stipulates I get paid in doll hairs instead of dollars I should have listened better.
  • Things are going a bit better down in Charlotte.  The Checkers are off to a 5-0 start at home.  Although they’ve yet to win a game on the road, the undefeated record is impressive, to say the least.  Hopefully, this means a lot of young talent is on its way up I-85 soon.

This concludes our links for the week.  Tune in next Sunday when we celebrate a Canes four-game win streak.  One can dream right?  If any of our readers have a link they’d like to see posted here just message us @cardiaccane on twitter and we’ll make sure to get it posted

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