Jerron McMillian fined $15K for hit vs. Lions, will appeal

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Jerron McMillian was hit hard by the NFL after the Green Bay Packers’ safety delivered a hard hit of his own in Week 5 against the Detroit Lions.

McMillian told the NFL fined him $15,000 for a shoulder hit to the head of a receiver. Late in the fourth quarter of the Packers’ 22-9 win over Detroit, McMillian was penalized for unnecessary roughness after a completed catch by Lions tight end Tony Scheffler. Detroit listed Scheffler with a concussion on its Wednesday injury report.

McMillian, who will earn $480,000 this season as a second-year player, lost half of his game check with this fine. McMillian is appealing, though.

McMillian was fined $21,000 last season for a late hit, so this isn’t the first time that the league has sent him the type of notice that no player wants to see.

On Nov. 29, 2012, McMillian told that the NFL is “trying to take away” hard hits like the ones he’s developing somewhat of a reputation for.

“We’re trying to play a physical football game, and it calls to be physical in this game of football,” McMillian said nearly a year ago. “Just to have rules and regulations on to how and to where to hit a player, it’s hard. You want to go all out, you want to leave everything on the field, but that’s a little bit of an aspect of the game they’re trying to take away.”

Even after the second fine of his short career, McMillian has no plans to change the way he plays.

“Not at all,” McMillian told in the locker room Wednesday. “Just have to keep playing. Hopefully when they go back and look at the tape, they’ll change their mind about it.”

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