Witten’s impact felt in Cowboys’ opening win

How much of an impact did Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten make against the New York Giants in the season opener? According to a good friend and teammate, it was significant.
Witten, who suffered a lacerated spleen on Aug. 13, only caught two balls for 10 yards in the 24-17 Cowboys win. But quarterback Tony Romo says having the veteran in uniform was more important than what outsiders think.
“That guy was going to find a way to play in that football game,” Romo said Friday on 1310 [KTCK-AM] The Ticket’s The Hardline show. “And honestly, his approach was right, the way he did it, it was the right way throughout the week. Jason’s an old school football player. He loves the game.
“I love hanging out with Jay just because he wants to be football, football 24/7. I love that aspect about him. When you have a guy who is talented and as good as he is, who also loves the game like that and doesn’t miss, I mean, it trickles down to the rest of your team. You can’t have enough guys like that. He’s the ultimate with that perspective.
“I love the guy. I think he’s a phenomenal football player, obviously. The fact that he showed up and did what he did, it did make more difference than people know in that football game.”
Wednesday night’s victory marked Witten’s 140th consecutive game in a Cowboys uniform, a streak that dates back to his rookie season in 2003.
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