Texas Tech freshman QB also knows how to Dougie

Texas Tech quarterback Baker Mayfield won the Big 12’s Offensive Player of the Week honors after throwing for 413 yards and accounting for five touchdowns in Friday’s 41-23 win over SMU.

After the game, though, Texas Tech players Bradley Marquez and Pete Robertson spilled the beans about when Mayfield stole the show at a freshmen talent show during fall camp.

“I’m just going to be honest, I’d never seen a white kid do the Dougie. Like, at all,” Robertson said. “When he did the Dougie, I’m just like, ‘Is he really doing this right now?’ He killed it.”

Naturally, Mayfield’s rendition made it to social media, but gained a whole new level of relevance after his performance on Friday. And it lives up to the hype. Take a look:

Robertson and Marquez weren’t kidding. Mayfield’s got some moves, and it’s clear the team agreed. What do you think?

I see a new touchdown celebration in Mayfield’s future.