Stars definitely again on board with Movember

On the ice, things couldn’t be better for the Dallas Stars. Less than 24 hours removed from an impressive 7-3 win at Calgary, a game where Tyler Seguin had four goals and captain Jamie Benn finished with six points, the Stars get a well-deserved day off on Friday and will next hit the ice on Sunday at Vancouver to finish their only three-game swing through western Canada of the season.

However, with this being November and that month being associated with increasing awareness of prostate cancer and other men’s health-related issues, a good number of Stars players are again participating in Movember, an event which gives the players a good excuse to grow a mustache for a month while helping promote a good cause, men’s health.

Players from across the NHL have been having fun with this bit for several years now while also raising money for charity. Here’s what some of the Stars players said about their ‘staches earlier in the week before they departed for Canada:

LW and Captain Jamie Benn
On Movember

“It’s good to raise money for a great cause. Obviously some can grow more than others. I know mine’s not looking too good but don’t tell the coaches or Jim Nill but I don’t think you grow a mustache to look good.”

D Trevor Daley
General thoughts on Movember

“Most of the league does it. We don’t look good anyways with our teeth missing, so the old ‘stache there is pretty funny. At the end of the day, it’s for a good cause. It’s team building. We get to laugh at each other and see who has the worst one too. There are so many good reasons why to do it and not many bad ones other than my wife doesn’t like looking at me with it very much but other than that it’s pretty good.”

On which of his teammates has the best ‘stache so far

“I think some guys still have to do some work on theirs. Some guys are lacking. I think Fidds is pretty good. Garbutt has a pretty good one. I think he went for the Hair (Club) for Men there, the dye in there to make it come in a little bit. Some of them are pretty good. It’s good stuff.”

On who has had the best ‘stache in Stars history

“The best one of all time is probably Dave Tippett. But there have been some bad ones. Some guys can’t even grow any here on their face. Those guys are usually the bad ones that try really hard. They’ve got like two or three strands. That’s about it, a little peach fuzz.”

G Dan Ellis
On Movember and his look

“I just don’t use a razor. The thing is the last time I used a razor, I looked like I got in a fight with a bobcat and lost. I stay away from those. I’ll take the electric as well as it’ll go down and I can’t go much shorter than that, wimpy skin or something like that. No, it is really good. Every month, it seems like the league is supporting something and for November to support male prostate cancer and everything, I think it’s great. You’re not only seeing it in hockey but you’re seeing Movember across the world. There’s a lot of people that have businesses and stuff like that who are doing it and it’s good to see. It’s good to see when everyone can kind of all jell together and support a cause for a month. For us, it’s kind of funny to see guys that usually don’t have mustaches to see what one guy can grow versus another. There’s some pretty pathetic ones but there’s some pretty thick ones as well. It’s a good cause but it’s also good fun.”

C Vernon Fiddler
On Movember

“Well, it’s obviously something the NHL has really taken to and it’s obviously awareness for prostate and men’s awareness cancer. If somebody can ask why we have mustaches, you tell them why, right? So that’s what the awareness is all about. I think it’s great everybody in the NHL has jumped on board and helped out with it.”

On how his ‘stache is progressing

“It’s coming in. It’s not exactly where I want it but a couple more weeks, I think it’ll be right there.”

RW Ryan Garbutt
On Movember

“This is my first year ever doing it. So it’s pretty fun to be doing it with the guys. It brings all the guys together and it’s obviously a great cause. It’s pretty exciting as a group.”

On their mustaches being great fodder for ribbing from teammates

“Yeah, I think so. We always have fun on this team. Guys always have fun with each other. I guess it’s just another thing all us can do together. Hopefully we can put another win streak together.”