Anthony Davis bulking up eating pizza

Anthony Davis is living every little boy’s dream. He plays in the NBA and makes millions of dollars and he subsists of a diet of mainly pizza.

Yeah, it’s true. The New Orleans Hornets rookie forward is too skinny, so he’s just eating gobs and gobs of pizza to bulk up. Enter a story from Yahoo!’s Marc Spears.

“He eats pizza, man. It’s like if anyone says, ‘P … I’ and then, ‘Pizza,’ he perks up,” Hornets coach Monty Williams told Spears. “This dude has this fascination with pizza. It’s unreal.”

The story goes on to detail an instance in which it was clear to the Hornets that Bulls forward Carlos Boozer was basically trying to hurt Davis by barreling into him on every play. Davis, the No. 1 pick in the 2012 draft, is an unusually agile player for a 6-10 rim protector. He partly owes this to a high school career spent playing guard before an enormous late growth spurt. But perhaps because of this his body hasn’t quite filled in yet. He carries just 220 pounds on that 6-10 frame, which makes him a good 20-30 pounds lighter than most NBA players he matches up against.

So he eats pizza. Next you’re going to tell us he lives in a sewer practicing martial arts with his turtle friends.