Chopcast: Hudson cementing impressive legacy

ATLANTA — Following Tuesday’s Braves game against the Nationals, there were plenty of questions concerning future opinions, especially those of how baseball voters would view the career of Tim Hudson. The 37-year-old veteran had just won his 200th game in memorable fashion: pitching seven innings of one-run ball to go along with his third career home run.

But how should his career numbers be evaluated?

Is he a Hall of Fame candidate or just a really, really good pitcher with an impressive resume. Judging by last year’s class of candidates, none of which got into Cooperstown, it’s tough to decide. Though he’s never posted a losing season (and remained relatively healthy), Hudson has never won a Cy Young or a World Series. That’s a tough hurdle when going against the likes of Jack Morris, Curt Schilling and others still waiting to hear their names called.

Braves Radio Network reporter Kevin McAlpin joins the Chopcast team — Zach Dillard, Cory McCartney and Jay Clemons — in studio to discuss Hudson, along with all other Atlanta news and notes that come to mind. Here are the highlights:

— Being the former Phillies reporter, what are some of McAlpin’s best memories in Philadelphia and his mentors? Does the city as a whole receive a bad sports rap?

— What are the best/worst parts about traveling with the team on road trips?

— If you were a Hall of Fame voter, what else does Tim Hudson need to accomplish to secure your vote for the Hall? Is 250 wins enough? Does he need a World Series win?

— The offense has struggled of late, with some big names stumbling out of the gate and others dealing with injuries. Does Fredi Gonzalez have an enviable job at the moment with all the moving parts?

— Who are the prime candidates to fill the Nos. 1 and 2 holes in the short term?

— Following the Mets series, which comes with its own obstacles, how difficult is the upcoming road trip to Cincinnati, San Francisco and Arizona?

— With his first-ever home run call (of Justin Upton’s 450-foot spring training home run), is there a play-by-play gig in McAlpin’s future?