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Lisa Horne

Lisa Horne is entering her fifth year as a correspondent for She is a member of the Football Writers of America Association (FWAA) and a frequent guest on sports radio shows. Follow her on Twitter.


Give people a forum to speak their mind in 140 characters or less and you have provocative, diverse and controversial thoughts on the Internet. Give a sports celebrity the same forum, and you have this.

From TV sports analyst Rebecca Lobo (@RebeccaLobo): Muscle shirts never a good look on an airplane. And why are they popular with the hairy crowd?

We don’t know. But the next time we see an airplane with a muscle shirt on, we'll ask a NASCAR fan.

From Baltimore Ravens WR Donte' Stallworth (@D_Stallworth18) : Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare... it can mold your mood, thoughts, ideals etc w/o you even realizing it.

Guess where Stallworth's next job will be when he retires? Hint: it's where all NFL players go so they can be fashion trendsetters.

From LSU Tigers' head coach Les Miles (@LSUCoachMiles): Woeojuwejhdjwe

Translation: "This is the year a five-loss team will geaux to the BCS Championship."

From Green Bay Packers' Nick Barnett (@NickBarnett): Dookie etiquette 101 have you ever took a dump at someones house and after you flushed there was stains on the bottom? What do you do??

Paging Emily Post or Martha Stewart…

From ex-MLB player and tell-all steroids author Jose Canseco (@josecanseco): What don't you guys get I don't use any roids

"Don't" use roids? Is that like President Clinton's definition of "is"?

From swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker (@BrooklynDDecker): My dog is a bed wetter.

Perhaps it's just drool?

From Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes (@kerryrhodes): Good workout and film study on our off day now I can go have a nice lunch. What should I do 4 lunch?

We know this a tough dilemma, but how about put fork in mouth and eat?

From USC quarterback Matt Barkley to football fan @Alexi_G, who "stayed up to 8 am in France" to watch him play: That's great, but why didn't you jst wake up at 8?"

We’re still waiting for the day the French don't need help from America. Until then, Matt Barkley to the rescue.

From Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew Jones (@Jones_Drew32) regarding his first draft pick in fantasy football: With the first pick I selected MJD

This is our shocked face. :-o

From Cincinnati Bengals' Ocho Cinco (@OGOchoCinco): Damn my last tweet, boxing trainer taking my damn phone.

Tweeting while boxing? The Olympics have just found their newest sport.

From boxer Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) answering the question of whether he would prefer to be rich or famous: Rich, you can't take fame to the bank...

Paris Hilton and the Kardashians would disagree.

From New York Jets' Darrelle Revis (@Revis24): it not has only been hard on u guys but it has for me too. I just want to tell yall that I'm sorry for this process and I can't wait to get back on the field.

Yep, we're sure it was very difficult for you "holding out" in South Florida for tens of millions of dollars.

From Rams practice squad WR Denario Alexander (@D_Alexander 84):  Apartment search is officially over, cant wait to move in. Accepting all house warming gift. Just sayin.

"Just sayin" is another way of saying, "Ignore what I say, but really don’t ignore it because I don’t want to be held responsible for saying what I really mean."

From New York Jets WR Braylon Edwards (@OfficialBraylon), after Twitter verified his account: Now I'm 100% positive I'm myself lmao

Boom! We've been waiting for a reason why Twitter exists -— NFL players no longer have to pinch themselves when they get their paychecks.

From Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant (@DEZ_88): How does cheddar's sounds?

Like grammar wasn't your strongest suit in school.

From golfer Kyle Waters (@KyleWatersGolf): gotta swing by work for a "liquor law class"....oh joy

A potential fun time could be had there, Kyle -- volunteer as the guy at the 19th hole.

From Bengals WR Ocho Cinco (@OGOchoCinco):  I let Matt Leinart hold 20 bucks at Dairy Queen while he was at USC, now take his Heisman Trophy and Carson Palmer used my ATM card, take his

What's the over/under on Yahoo Sports sending a crack-investigative team to Ocho Cinco's crib right now?

From Eagles practice squad DT Jeff Owens (@jeffowens95): I'm so tired I been on the go all day...

And hence, why you're now on the Eagles' practice squad, not roster?

From Philadelphia Eagles LB Jamar Chaney (Jamar22Chaney): Now all Boise has to do is beat 11 high school teams & they gone be playing in the National Championship game. Smh!

We'll give you just one guess as to what college football conference Jamar Chaney played in last year. Just one. Go on, take a leap of faith here.

From Philadelphia Eagles safety Kurt Coleman (@k4coleman): I need some serious help tweeps. Should I change my number from #42? I'm really

Do you get the feeling that if it weren't for Twitter, athletes wouldn't know where to eat, how to furnish their apartments, if they are really real or what number they should wear on their jersey? How did they survive this long?

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