Stauskas says NBA team asked him: Party with Bieber or win Rookie of the Year?

With the draft quickly approaching, teams are leaving no stones unturned while interview prospects.

Win the Rookie of the Year award ... or party all summer with Justin Bieber? That's what Nik Stauskas says one NBA team asked him.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images & Tony Barson/FilmMagic

The NBA Draft is next week, which means teams have very little time left to learn all the important things about players they might want to select.

Now is the time to ask deep questions about their lives.

Now is the time to not hold anything back.

Now is the time to ask about ... Justin Bieber?

Yup, according to former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas:

He later said that he picked Rookie of the Year.

We're sure the team's executives pumped their fists in delight after hearing his answer.

(H/T Barstool Sports)

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