Orlando rookie Gordon breaks girl's ankles with crossover, walks away laughing

Take a seat, kid.

Gordon in a summer league basketball game against a grown man.

AP Photo

The Orlando Magic launched the Magic FIT program on Thursday to "promote the health and wellness" of over 200 kids from the community. It also took down a little girl -- a victim of an Aaron Gordon crossover. 

While leading local youngsters in basketball drills, Gordon, the fourth overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, drew double coverage from a pair of girls who looked about seven or eight years old. 

One of the girls, employing a rather unorthodox style of defense, ran around the six-foot-nine Gordon wildly and got her ankles broken when the rookie crossed over. 

The girl collected herself on the floor while Gordon skated away laughing. 

[H/T @MySportsLegion, Vine by @adamosgp]

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