The NFL's Craziest Moments

The NFL's Craziest Moments

Published Aug. 11, 2014 3:37 p.m. ET

We're having difficulty containing our excitement for the start of the NFL season. In an effort to cope with that delirium, each day from today until the Sept. 4 kickoff, the Buzzer will post about one crazy moment in NFL history. "Crazy" is subjective, so what does that mean here? In this series we won't be highlighting the most outstanding plays or statistical feats -- but those plays that make your jaw drop and cause you to blurt out, "Holy $*%", that was crazy!"

Make sure to check each day for a new installment. Here is a list of previous editions.

Aug. 7: Patriots' fan runs on field to join defense

Aug. 8: The Tuck Rule Game


Aug. 9: Saints' K misses PAT, ruins miracle comeback

Aug. 10: Butt Fumble

Aug. 11: Thanksgiving Coin Flip Incident

Aug. 12: Beast Quake

Aug. 13: The Heidi Game

Aug. 14: Namath tells Kolber, "I wanna kiss you"

Aug. 15: Jim Marshall runs 66 yards the wrong way

Aug. 16: Gus Frerotte headbutts wall

Aug. 17: Joe Horn cell phone celebration

Aug. 18: Leon Lett's Thanksgiving blunder

Aug. 19: T.O. stomps on Dallas star

Aug. 20: Bears fan jumps out of stands to catch FG

Aug. 21: The Snowball Game(s)

Aug. 22: 'Givin' him the business down there'

Aug. 23: Brad Johnson throws TD pass to himself

Aug. 24: The Fog Bowl

Aug. 25: Don Beebe strips showboating Leon Lett

Aug. 26: Brandon Stokley catches deflected pass for winning TD

Aug. 27: Pigeon joins Raiders' kickoff unit

Aug. 28: Dennis Green's famous postgame rant

Aug. 29: James Harrison body-slams a Browns fan

Aug. 30: Tony Dorsett's 99-yard touchdown run

Sept. 1: Dan Marino's Fake Spike

Sept. 2: Wyche's "You don't live in Cleveland" speech

Sept. 3: Albert Haynesworth stomps on opponents' face

Sept. 4: The Fail Mary