Pardon The Contradiction: Is Johnny Manziel making smart decisions?

FOX Sports 1’s new show Crowd Goes W!ld is taking sports debating to a whole new level. Instead of the usual two experts arguing against one another, the show takes things to another level with panelists arguing with themselves during its ‘Pardon the Contradiction’ segment.

Of course there is no better way to start a sports debate than with a good war of words about one of the most controversial figures in sports right now—Johnny Manziel.

Stand up comedian Michael Kosta was honored with the question, and he did a fine job of summing up most of the nation’s views on Texas A&M’s Heisman-winning quarterback after co-host Georgie Thompson gave him the topic “Johnny Manziel is making smart choices.”

First Kosta uses the ‘Manziel is only 20-years-old’ everyone has heard the quarterback himself say time and time again, but when host Regis Philbin rings the bell signaling a change to voice the opposite view, the tennis player turned comedian doesn’t hold back about his feelings on the Aggie star’s autograph scandal. However, after one more bell ring from Philbin, Kosta admits college players should be able to benefit from their own autographs.

Confusing? Yes, but this one man just managed to explain everything good and bad about Manziel recent actions in just 30 seconds while some other experts are still arguing about what will happen to the Heisman winner.