New football uniforms could put TCU in the red

TCU’s new football helmets might have some fans seeing red.

Pictures of a TCU T-shirt sold at local sporting goods store were posted on SB Nation and show what could be the headgear the Horned Frogs will debut Aug. 31 against LSU.

The helmet has alternating streaks of light and dark purple —  and two distinct red stripes on the sides.

Red? Well, that would fit with the sneak peeks of the new uniform that TCU coach Gary Patterson has been posting to his Twitter account, @TCUCoachP. So far we’ve seen new shoes and gloves from Nike that fit the same pattern of purple streaks and a prominent swath of red.

Purple has long been TCU’s dominant color, although in some years the uniform has been been jazzed up with silver or black. Red would be an extreme addition to the TCU palette, but there is a basis for it.

A real, live Horned Frog is actually a lizard, and it’s known for its ability to spit blood from its eyes.

Apparently the folks at Nike, who designed TCU’s new uniforms, have used the blood-spitting ability as the basis for injected bits of red into the Frogs’ new look.

According to the comments posted on SB Nation, some fans are spitting mad about messing with TCU’s traditional colors of purple and white.

We will probably have to wait until the Frogs take the field at AT&T Stadium to see if red is really as prominent on the helmets as it is on the T-shirt.


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