Collision at the plate leaves Kinsler in stitches

ARLINGTON, Texas – It will take more than three stitches to keep the Rangers’ Ian Kinsler out of a game.

Kinsler, who just returned from the disabled list over the weekend, suffered a cut on the left side of his face after a home plate collision in the third inning Tuesday.

Kinsler was cut by the mask of Oakland catcher John Jason when he scored from second on a single to center field.

After a brief delay before the start of the fourth inning, Kinsler returned to his spot at second base wearing a blood-stained jersey and a large bandage covering the three stitches that were required to close the wound.

“Yeah, it was a pretty bad cut,” Rangers manager Ron Washington said. “He got stitched up. The ball took the catcher into the line and Kinsler hit the mask. I guess that’s why they tell catchers, don’t take the mask off.”

Home plate umpire Paul Nauert pointed out the bleeding to Kinsler and Washington, then held up the start of the next inning for a few minutes.

In addition to getting sewn up, Kinsler was given a concussion test by team physician Dr. Keith Meister. He returned from the DL on Saturday after dealing with a rib cage strain that kept him sidelined since May 18.

“I was trying to [get back in the game],” Kinsler said. “We had trainers make sure and relay messages to the umpires that I was trying to get back in the game.”

Washington said he’s never had to ask for extra time like that before, but said home plate umpire Paul Nauert was very cooperative.

“I just went out and told them that Kinsler would be out and he [Nauert] seen what happened at the plate, and he was the one that told me that he was bleeding. And he just gave me time,” Washington said. “He just wanted to check with the crew chief (Angel Hernandez) to make sure what was the protocol, and they just waited it out.”

Two batters into the fourth, Kinsler didn’t show any lingering effects of the blow when he fielded a sharp line drive for an out. Kinsler later changed into a clean jersey.

The run Kinsler scored was the last of the game for the Rangers in a 6-2 loss.

Kinsler said it wasn’t the first time he’s been involved in such an incident. Washington said there was no intention to injure Kinsler on Jaso’s part.

“As far as I remember it back in the day, they told you when there was a play at the plate, keep your mask on,” Washington said. “Not that you’re keeping it on for a weapon. I just think that was something freak that happened where Kinsler slid and he happened to hit his face on his mask.”

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