Bob Stoops goes unnoticed during tornado relief

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops often can’t make a move without someone noticing it in his football-crazy state.

So on Sunday when Stoops, without an entourage or cameras around him, decided to help with the cleanup of last week’s devastating tornado in Moore, Okla., it caught Oklahomans off-guard.

A resident posted Facebook photos of Stoops in a black T-shirt and jeans helping remove debris from a ravaged neighborhood. The one giveaway that it was Stoops was the crimson visor on his head.

Stoops didn’t tell anyone, not even OU’s own public relations staff, about volunteering. Like many others in Oklahoma, Stoops simply showed up and pitched in.

“Apparently Bob Stoops showed up at a site and blended in for about 30 min before they figured it out,” OU athletic department spokesman Kenny Mossman posted on his Twitter account, @Kenny_Mossman, along with a photo.

Another photo on the @OU_Football official Twitter account showed another photo of Stoops carrying bricks alongside other volunteers.

“Yes, @BarackObama was in Moore today. So was @CoachStoops who rolled up his sleeves and got to work.”

Stoops and his family live just south of Moore, and last week he said the tornado passed about a mile north of his home.

Oklahoma’s athletic department personnel- including administrators, coaches and athletes –  have been involved in organized cleanup efforts. But in this case, Stoops apparently called his own number. Either way, it was a winning play.

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