Castroneves: Indy 500 win trumps sex

Helio Castroneves has won the Indianapolis 500 three times since he burst onto the Indy racing scene in 2001, putting him just one win off the all-time mark. But that has hardly satisfied Castroneves’ craving for victory — and the requisite post-race milk bath — at the Brickyard.

In fact, Castroneves is so desperate for a fourth title, he says he’d give up sex for a year just to get it.

Castroneves appeared on the “Stoney and Bill” show on 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit on Thursday, and at the end of his interview, the hosts posed an interesting question to Castroneves: “If you had a choice… would you give up sex for a year with your wife to win Indy?"

At first, Castroneves responded with a joke — and looking for an out — asking, “So that means I can have sex someplace else?”

But when faced with a rephrased question of whether he’d give up lovemaking altogether, the former Dancing With the Stars champion responded: “I would not give up Indy, my friend, I’ll tell you that. I think I can handle one year without sex, because Indy is Indy.”

No doubt, Castroneves’ remark was news to his girlfriend, Adriana Henao, who isn’t so bad looking, herself:

Something tells me Castroneves has already issued an apology for his on-air quip — and for his sake, hopefully Henao won’t hold him to it if he wins on Sunday.