Is Jameis Winston planning for another two years at Florida State?

According to a report on, Antonor Winston, father of Jameis Winston, says he want his son to stay at Florida State until he gets his degree.

Jameis Winston's father says he wants his son to stay at Florida State until he gets his degree, which would mean two more seasons at quarterback for the Seminoles.

Stacy Revere / Getty Images North America

Jameis Winston has already had a successful college football career at Florida State. It seems he wants a little bit more of it, at least according to his dad Antonor Winston, who told his son's plan was to stay at Florida State until earning his degree.

Winston led the Seminoles to a BCS National Championship as a redshirt freshman last year and collected the Heisman Trophy.

He made 24 appearances for the baseball team this season, earning seven saves with a 1.08 ERA. He was less of a threat at the plate, hitting .128.

"We want Jameis to succeed with one more year in baseball and two more years in football," Antonor told "We've never strayed from our plan that he is going to be in college until he gets that degree."

Jameis Winston has been involved in some-less-than appealing news off the field, including a sexual assault allegation and a shoplifting incident at a Publix grocery store for not paying for seafood valued at about $33.

He was not charged in the sexual assault but had to complete 20 hours of community service for the shoplifting incident. He was also temporarily suspended from the Florida State baseball team for the infraction.

Antonor Winston says his son has changed major from pre-med to engineering in the biomedical or mechanical field and that his childhood vision was to become a podiatrist.

If Jameis Winston and his family stick to the plan, then he will be at Florida State through 2015, playing two more seasons of football and one more season of baseball.

However, it may be tough to ignore the lure of the NFL if he has a sophomore season that comes anywhere close to that of his freshman campaign.