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Dominance of Texans pushes Patriots to top of NFL power rankings.

By Brian Billick

Brian Billick is an acclaimed NFL game analyst for FOX Sports and a Super Bowl-winning coach.

The Texans falter with playoff implications on the line, opening the door for the Packers. I've got a line on who's hot and who's not going into Week 14.

1 Patriots 10-3 +3

With their 10th consecutive 10-win season, the Patriots sent a very clear message on Monday night. They are the class of the NFL and are just now hitting their championship stride.

2 Broncos 10-3

The Broncos have now won eight games in a row. The last time the Broncos had an eight-game winning streak in a single season was in 1998 ... they went on to win the Super Bowl that year.

3 49ers 9-3-1 +2

After four starts, Colin Kaepernick is 3-1, but his completion percentage and passer rating is worse than that of Alex Smith in his nine starts on the season. How's that for stirring the pot?

4 Texans 11-2 -3

They looked like a high school football team wearing those lettermen jackets getting off the team bus, and then they played like a high school football team in the first half against the Patriots.

5 Falcons 11-2 -2

The Falcons were scoreless in the first half for the first time since 2009 and that kick-started their second loss of the season, both divisional road games.

6 Packers 9-4

Aaron Rodgers failed to throw a touchdown for the first time in his last 36 starts at home, but they got a defensive touchdown to spark a come-from-behind win.

7 Giants 8-5 +5

If the NFL puts eliminating kickoffs up for vote, the New York Giants will be the first to oppose it.

8 Seahawks 8-5

The 58 points the Seahawks scored was a franchise record ... oh, and they didn't allow any points either.

9 Ravens 9-4 -2

The Ravens could have clinched the division with a win on Sunday, but now they are starting over with a brand-new offensive coordinator. This is a big gamble, but one they are obviously willing to take.

10 Colts 9-4 +3

With the Texans' loss on Monday night, the Colts now control their own destiny in the AFC South as they play the Texans in two of the last three games this season.

11 Redskins 7-6 +3

The Redskins are now over .500 for the first time since winning their Week 1 game against New Orleans. With a healthy RG3, the Redskins are very capable of winning out against the Browns, Eagles and Cowboys.

12 Bears 8-5 -2

The Bears outgained the Vikings by 190 yards, but Jay Cutler's two interceptions led to their fourth loss in five games.

13 Cowboys 7-6 +3

The Cowboys are now one game above .500 and beat their first team that entered the game with a winning record on Sunday, but I'm not sure they can sustain it through the final three games. Losing Dez Bryant for the season would be detrimental.

14 Vikings 7-6 +5

Adrian Peterson had a career-high 31 carries on Sunday, but I'm not sure the Vikings can continue to win with Christian Ponder playing this way. Every time he drops back you just assume he is going to make some type of mistake.

15 Bengals 7-6 -6

The Bengals missed a golden opportunity to close the gap on the Ravens and the Steelers as they blew a nine-point lead with 6:36 remaining in the game.

16 Steelers 7-6 -5

The Steelers' injuries have held them back all season long, but now you finally get the feeling they are going to keep them out of the playoffs.

17 Rams 6-6-1

The Rams won their third in a row on Sunday with a 14-play, 84-yard touchdown drive that lasted 4:07 and left just 48 seconds on the clock. It was Sam Bradford's third fourth-quarter comeback of the season.

18 Buccaneers 6-7 -3

After winning four straight, the Bucs have now lost three in a row but still appear to be a team right on the verge of breaking out. If they can solidify the defensive secondary, this team will be competing for championships very soon.

19 Saints 5-8 -1

Drew Brees' 18 interceptions are now tied for the league lead with Andrew Luck. This team needs Sean Payton.

20 Browns 5-8

Trent Richardson's two touchdowns on Sunday put him in a tie with Jim Brown for the franchise rookie record for touchdowns in a season with nine. He needs just 74 more yards to pass Brown for the franchise rookie record for rushing yards in a season.

21 Chargers 5-8 +3

The Chargers recorded their first-ever win against the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday. They are now 1-14 in the Steel City.

22 Dolphins 5-8 -1

Ryan Tannehill has gone back-to-back games without throwing an interception, but his 17-of-33 passing for 150 yards is far from the explosive offense you need to have to compete in this league.

23 Lions 4-9 -1

The Lions had more first downs, more yards, held the ball longer and converted a better third-down percentage than the Packers on Sunday but still lost.

24 Jets 6-7 +1

The Jets attempted 42 rushes against the Jaguars and are now 6-1 in games this season in which they have 30 or more rushing attempts.

25 Panthers 4-9 +6

Cam Newton has accounted for 11 touchdowns in his last four games without throwing a single interception.

26 Eagles 4-9 +4

Nick Foles earned his first career win and is putting forth a good argument that he could be the quarterback of the future of this team. Then again ... the Bucs have made a lot of quarterbacks look good this season.

27 Bills 5-8 -4

It's a double whammy for Chan Gailey. He gets the criticism for being the team's head coach and then gets double the criticism for being the offensive coordinator.

28 Titans 4-9 -1

The Titans have yet to win a divisional game this season and with the loss on Sunday, they have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.

29 Cardinals 4-9 -3

I'm not so sure Ken Whisenhunt was kidding when he asked that reporter if he could play quarterback.

30 Jaguars 2-11 -2

For the second consecutive game, the Jaguars were below 15 percent on third-down conversions. They were just two of 16 on Sunday.

31 Chiefs 2-11 -2

The Chiefs converted just one of 11 third-down attempts and were shut out in their two opportunities within the red zone. Not a good formula for success.

32 Raiders 3-10

That makes six in a row for the Raiders.