Rangers' Mika Zibanejad releases first song, and it's surprisingly good

BY Pete Blackburn • June 2, 2017

The Rangers were bounced in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, which has given forward Mika Zibanejad time to focus on some of his other passions.

As solid as Zibanejad is on the ice -- he had 37 points in 54 games this year -- he also is apparently quite good at DJing, as evidenced by the release of his debut single on Friday. The 24-year-old put out an EDM track called "Forever" and, honestly, it's not bad.


From the YouTube description:

Forever is about the ups and downs of a relationship. You want distance, but you can't stand being away from the other person. There are always things you like and don’t like, but in the end your feelings always make you want to stay.

Zibanejad enlisted singer Sara Milligan for vocals on the project, and she does a great job. Respect to Mika for not being one of those DJs that wrongly thinks they're good at singing. (Looking at you, Chainsmokers guy.)

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