NHL linesman shakes off a puck straight to the head

BY Pete Blackburn • January 18, 2017

Hockey fans love to talk about how tough the athletes in their favorite sport are, but what often flies under the radar is the toughness of the officials who share the ice with them.

There are plenty examples of occupational hazards that come with being a hockey official -- including accidentally being punched in the face -- but, on Tuesday night, linesman Lonnie Cameron experienced one of the most frightening. In the third period of the Canucks-Predators game in Vancouver, Cameron took a puck straight to the head.

The scary moment came when a Preds player tried to blindly dump the puck into the zone and accidentally fired it into the side of Cameron's head. The linesman was understandably shaken up as a result. Luckily, the puck seemed to catch him in the helmet, which helped prevent any serious damage. Cameron only missed a few minutes of action.

A necessary reminder that the players aren't the only tough guys out there, friends.

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