Luke Walton says Lamar Odom 'would be great' on Lakers coaching staff

BY Andrew Lynch • January 11, 2017

Lamar Odom let the world know this week that he'd like to join Luke Walton's coaching staff with the Los Angeles Lakers — and Walton heard the message loud and clear.

On Tuesday, Walton told reporters that Odom "would be great" as a coach in the NBA while simultaneously acknowledging the two-time NBA champion's recent struggles.


Via the Orange County Register:

“Lamar would be great,” said Walton, who played with Odom on the Lakers from 2004-11 and won two NBA championships together. “Anyone who knows Lamar, when he’s right, he is one of the most likable people they’ve been around. He has a great knowledge of the game and has a great way of communicating with people.” [...]

Although Walton has “talked many times over the last year” with Odom, they have not discussed anything recently. There also have not been any conversations with the Lakers on creating an additional position on Walton’s coaching staff, formally or informally.

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