Teammate: Peyton Manning will feel like he's 'running on broken glass'

BY foxsports • November 18, 2015

Omar Bolden knows exactly how his injured quarterback is feelings these days.

The Denver Broncos cornerback has recovered from the same exact plantar fasciitis tear that Peyton Manning now faces. It took him nearly a month to come back.

"The pain is very excruciating," Bolden told Mile High Sports 1340 AM. "Really, it feels like you're walking and running on broken glass."

Manning fans should cringe. The quarterback isn't 26 years old like Bolden is; it could take him a lot longer to bounce back.

What does Bolden recommend?

"Everything man," Bolden said. "Icing. Stemming. Dry needling. All types of laser machines. All type of machines I don't even know the names to. 30-to-40 minute treatments. Everything man, for something that's still lingering now."

Added Bolden: "There's really nothing you can do besides rest. And if we had that type of time, the season would be over."

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