NFL Exec: I'll take McCoy over Murray every time

BY foxsports • July 9, 2015

According the the NFL Network's Top 100 players list, the Eagles got a steal in swapping LeSean McCoy for DeMarco Murray. Not everyone feels this way.

"I'll take McCoy over Murray every time,'' an executive in personnel for another team told Mark Eckel of True Jersey. "When you played the Eagles, you feared McCoy. He was the guy who scared you the most. When you played Dallas, you didn't fear Murray. He's good. But you didn't fear him. You feared Dez (Bryant), or (Tony) Romo, but not Murray.'

"That's the difference in my mind,'' the executive said. "Don't get me wrong, Murray is good and he had a great year last year. But McCoy is a game breaker. He can turn a game around with one big run.''

A lot has been made about Murray's success in 2014, and some believe that it was contingent on his offensive line. Time will tell, but on the surface, this claim doesn't add up. McCoy ran behind the Eagles' offensive line, the only unit to finish with a higher run-blocking grade than the Cowboys, according to Pro Football Focus.

(h/t True Jersey)

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports

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