Derek Carr an 'extreme long shot' for Super Bowl if Raiders make it

BY Brett Smiley • December 28, 2016

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is almost certainly done for the season, but ... we're telling you there's a chance. At least NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport is, in an update on the 25-year-old's progress after Carr suffered a broken fibula on Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts:

Obviously, the first and maybe the greater leap is that Raiders backup Matt McGloin could lead Oakland to the Super Bowl. If McGloin fails to lead the Raiders to a win over the Broncos at Denver, Kansas City can scoop up the AFC's second bye with a win at San Diego.

The normal recovery time after a broken fibula (big leg bone) is about six to eight weeks. The Raiders are unlikely to rush Carr back, especially if McGloin has played well enough to get Oakland to the Super Bowl in Houston. But Carr is the undisputed leader of the Raiders so perhaps if he miraculously showed enough readiness, they couldn't deny him.

The Super Bowl has seen a miraculous leg recovery before -- in 2005 when Terrell Owens defied expectations and human anatomy and recovered from a broken fibula and torn leg ligament he suffered seven weeks before the game. Not at full strength but Owens played 62 of 72 offensive snaps in that Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl (XXXIX) and caught nine passes for 122 yards. Owens said later:

"Nobody in this room knew I was going to play this game. Nobody knew but me. Dr. [Mark] Myerson, I give him all the respect in the world. You guys believed what he said that I couldn't play. A lot of people in the world didn't believe I could play. It goes to show you. The power of prayer and the power of faith will take you all the way. Nothing is impossible if you got God on your side."

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