Minor league manager launches his hat into the stands during post-ejection tantrum

May 11, 2016

What looked like a missed tag in a Norfolk Tides (Orioles AAA affiliate) and Charlotte Knights (White Sox) game on Tuesday got the call, sending Tides manager Ron Johnson into a tizzy. (Check out the full play above.)

It appears that the throw from first drew Knights shortstop Tim Anderson off the bag before the ball arrived, but without the benefit of replay, umpire Derek Mollica's called force-out stood.

Johnson, a former utilityman for the Royals and Expos, came out to argue the call, exchanged some words and eventually got the heave-ho. Showtime.

According to Tides beat writer David Hall, Johnson's post-ejection hat toss is a "signature move." Watch a wider angle shot of the hat toss from Hall, showing the distance on Johnson's toss:


Legendary Orioles manager Earl Weaver would be proud.