Latos' wife: I got assaulted at game

BY foxsports • October 1, 2013

The wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos said Tuesday she filed a police report after being assaulted at the NL wild-card game in Pittsburgh and that security at PNC Park did nothing to help her.

At a news conference Wednesday, Pittsburgh police Sgt. John Fisher, who headed the 18-officer contingent that augmented stadium security on Tuesday, announced that no charges would be filed, telling reporters the incident was "much ado about nothing" despite Latos' claims she had her hair pulled and was punched in the head by a fan.

"What made it big was it involved a pitcher's wife and it all went on Twitter," Fisher said.

Here is what Latos tweeted Tuesday:

Predictably, some Pirates fans accused her of being a sore loser after the Pirates' 6-2 win.

At a news conference Wednesday, Fisher told reporters that stadium security called police to break up an argument involving 20 to 30 Cincinnati and Pirates fans at the Budweiser Bowtie Bar inside PNC Park during the Pirates' 6-2 win Tuesday night.

Police didn't see Dallas Latos being attacked but interviewed her afterward when a stadium security worker told officers of her claims, which she later tweeted. Latos didn't have visible injuries and refused medical treatment when she was interviewed by police, Fisher said.

Latos tweeted she was "punched in the head at least three times" by a Pirates fan and her hair was pulled, writing "I'm `fine' but my head hurts. Never swung back bc I was trying to protect myself."

Latos was not among seven fans ejected by police, though two females with Latos were tossed as were five Pirates fans, including the woman who allegedly attacked Latos. Police know the woman's name and gave it to Latos so she can press charges if she wants, but aren't releasing the name because the woman wasn't arrested, Fisher said.

Fisher said Latos can file a private criminal complaint, which must be vetted by a county prosecutor. Under Pennsylvania law, police can't arrest people for fights that warrant only misdemeanor charges like simple assault or summary citations, which are similar to traffic tickets, for offenses like harassment, Fisher said.

In such instances, police either file charges and send the accused a court summons or, as was done in this case, let the parties file private complaints.

The argument involved "overzealous fans and banter back and forth between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati fans," Fisher said, adding all participants "appeared to be drinking and intoxicated to one level or another."

Latos had been sitting in an area reserved for visiting players' wives and families, which was guarded by stadium security, before some of her group went to the bar about 10 seating sections away where they weren't shielded from the general public, Fisher said.

Police wouldn't say whether the other ejected Cincinnati fans were also wives or otherwise related to players.

Latos tweeted Wednesday suggesting she was suffering a backlash for complaining.

"The fact that our society condemns victims is disgusting," she wrote. "I have nothing to gain from telling my story besides a bunch of hate so save it."



It's not the first time this year PNC Park security has come under fire. In July they were accused of being a little overzealous for ejecting porn star Andy San Dimas from a game after she put on a unicorn head and did a dance in the stands.

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