Derek Jeter tells President Obama his one regret from his MLB career

BY Cameron DaSilva • June 22, 2016

There aren't many things that Derek Jeter failed to accomplish in his 20 years in MLB. He was the Rookie of the Year in 1996, won five Gold Gloves, made 14 All-Star teams and has five World Series rings on his fingers. Despite all of his success, Jeter does have his regrets.

In an interview with President Barack Obama for The Players' Tribune, Jeter revealed one thing he wishes he would have done earlier in his career.

"I did something my final season -- I kept a diary," Jeter told Obama. "Every day I wrote something in there, how I was feeling after every game. I have yet to look back at it. I wish I would've done that throughout my career. There are so many experiences that you tend to forget. So if I could go back to 25, I would say, do it every day."

The entire interview with Obama is great, ranging from their respective childhoods to retirement, including the president calling Jeter an old man during his final season.

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