Adrian Beltre back in lineup for Rangers

BY foxsports • September 23, 2012

Texas third baseman Adrian Beltre was back in the Rangers lineup on Saturday night against the Seattle Mariners, though it doesn't mean his stomach problems are completely solved.

Beltre batted fourth and played at third base for the second-game of a weekend series against the Mariners after flying to Seattle late Friday night following a day of tests to try and determine what's causing pain in his stomach.

He said doctors believe scar tissue from surgery on his appendix more than a decade ago has built up and is pressing on his intestines. There is no simple treatment, other than surgery which Beltre doesn't consider an option with the Rangers leading the AL West and hoping to make a deep postseason run for the third straight season.

''If it stays the same or gets worse we're going to have to do surgery, which is not a choice right now,'' Beltre said. ''If the pain is still there in the offseason then we're going to have to go in there and fix it.''

Beltre sat out one game during the Rangers' series against the Los Angeles Angels and had to talk his way into the lineup another day before finally taking the time to see a specialist. He was frustrated the cause of his stomach pain couldn't be determined earlier, but was relieved it was nothing more than what the doctors believe.

How the stomach pain affects his playing time will be determined by his pain threshold. Beltre said he felt better on Saturday than either of the previous two days and that he'll need to be careful watching the foods he eats. Beltre had to force himself to eat for most of the last week.

''The good thing is the pain is not like it was,'' Beltre said. ''It's doing better. I feel better physically.''

Texas manager Ron Washington said he may need to give Beltre a few more days as the designated hitter down the stretch, but will follow the lead of his third baseman knowing that he'll try and talk his way into the lineup as much as possible.

''He'll play to whatever he can tolerate,'' Washington said. ''The old saying I bring up, `Mind over matter.' He's got a powerful mind. A stomach issue don't matter.''