Washington Wizards’ John Wall Hits Game Winning Shot Against Chicago Bulls (Video)

Washington Wizards star John Wall hit a game-winning shot against the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night – one that he typically misses.

The “go-to” move is almost a lost art in the NBA.

Players don’t practice one particular shot and go to it when they struggle offensively anymore. Instead, getting to the free throw line has been more of a focal point for players who cannot find a way to score the ball.

John Wall has a “go-to” move, but it’s not one that’s very efficient nor effective.

For some reason, Wall has continued to rely on the fadeaway jump shot whenever the Washington Wizards need a basket. He’s been taking the shot since his rookie season, often waiting for the final moments of a quarter or even a game to bust it out.

It rarely goes in.

The fadeaway has been the source of frustration for fans and often serves as an example of the Wizards’ poorly executed offense.

But on Tuesday night against the Chicago Bulls, when the Wizards desperately needed to score the ball to beat the undermanned team, Wall went to his “go-to” move and put the Wizards up by two with five seconds remaining in the contest.

With 6-foot-6 Michael Carter-Williams stalking Wall near the Wizards’ logo, the All-Star guard dribbled the ball patiently, just as he would at the beginning of the game.

Wall dribbled until five seconds remained on the shot clock, waved Marcin Gortat over for a screen and then dribbled towards 7-foot Robin Lopez, who was forced to switch onto Wall.

Without hesitating, Wall rose up over Lopez and knocked down the fadeaway shot from the baseline, giving the Washington Wizards a two-point lead and the much-needed victory at home – their 10th straight win inside the Verizon Center.

On the Bulls’ final possession, Wall crashed the glass, grabbing what would be the Washington Wizards’ last rebound. Then, he battled Lopez on a jump-ball, ending a hard-fought contest against a depleted Bulls team.

“It was great. It was great,” said Wall following the Wizards’ victory over the Bulls. “I’ve been in that situation plenty of times where I’ve missed that shot and didn’t have the confidence to even take it. I felt confident with that one and I’m glad we got the stop and won the game.”

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