Wade Phillips finally got a Broncos Super Bowl ring that actually spelled his name right

BY Andrew Lynch • June 16, 2016

Good news, Wade Phillips! You are no longer known to the NFL as "Wade Peters."

When the Denver Broncos defensive coordinator received his 2016 Super Bowl ring earlier this week, he was originally pretty excited.

Then he saw the actual hardware, which misspelled his name, and some of that enthusiasm started to wane a little bit:

But on Thursday, Phillips showed off his replacement ring with his name spelled properly -- alongside the misspelled original, which apparently had a completely different name on it:

Now, we have a little bit of a conundrum on our hands. Phillips has two rings, one with someone else's name on it. So what's he to do with the old one? Well, Twitter has some ideas:

For a ring with 194 diamonds in it, who wouldn't be willing to change their last name? After all, what's in a name, anyway?

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