Emmanuel Sanders says he 'would benefit' if the Broncos added Tony Romo

BY Dan Graf • January 23, 2017

The Denver Broncos went from Super Bowl champions to out of the playoffs after Peyton Manning’s retirement, so it’s natural that there’s plenty of speculation about the team’s quarterback situation this offseason.

2016 starter Trevor Siemian and rookie first-round pick Paxton Lynch make standing pat a reasonable option, but many fans can’t help wondering what adding a veteran difference-maker would look like. You know, someone like Dallas’ Tony Romo, who is almost certain to be available on the trade market.


Appearing on NFL Network, Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders took the bait and answered the question of whether he’d benefit from having Romo in Denver:

“I believe I would benefit. But one thing about it is: I’m always gonna take it back, and I’m just gonna put it on (general manager) John Elway. In John Elway I trust. And If he does bring him over, I think Tony Romo will fit good in [new offensive coordinator Mike] McCoy’s system. It’s a no-huddle, up-tempo offense. I think that it’s gonna be similar to the Cowboys. I think he has Demaryius Thomas and some wide receiver No. 10 on the other side. And I feel like we will win ballgames with Tony Romo -- or potentially a championship. At the same time, Paxton Lynch played in a spread offense at Memphis, and he can be successful. I think Trevor can be successful. So we’ll see what we do. I can’t sit up here and say ‘Bring Tony Romo!’ because I also have two other quarterbacks that are playing really well, too.”

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