Jonas Valanciunas is up in the gym, working on his quickness

July 9, 2015

Alarm sirens must have gone off in Jonas Valanciunas' head when his coach Dwane Casey said the era of the center is over. Rather than pout, however, Valanciunas has been in the gym, working on reshaping his game to fit the modern NBA. This means becoming quicker, more agile, and having a reliable outside shot. Here's what he told NBA TV: 

"'I was working on my shots selection, I was working on my quickness, bringing my game to being like power forward, not like slow center,' Valanciunas said of his summer workouts. 'So I’m trying to increase my speed and my abilities to shoot a midrange shot … to be like a quicker guy.'"

Of course, quickness can only be improved so much, but if Valanciunas emerges next season noticeably quicker, he'll not be as obsolete as some may think. 

(h/t Raptors Republic)

Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports