Ooh, slight burn: Pence responds to trolling fans with gentle posts

BY foxsports • August 8, 2014

This trolling war is so civilized. 

When the Giants visited Citi Field to play the Mets last weekend, some savvy New York fans took to trolling Hunter Pence in a hilariously hushed fashion, showing up with signs mildly insulting the San Francisco outfielder with all the scratch of a de-clawed cat. 

The decidedly tame barbs quickly became a social media sensation, with #HunterPenceSigns establishing its presence and even inspiring its own Twitter account

It got to the point that not even Pence could ignore the social media roar (even if it was delivered in library voices). The 31-year-old All-Star responded to the gentle prodding with some entertainingly tame trolling posts of his own: 

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