Bill Nye the Science Guy invented a new baseball bat

May 10, 2016

Any '90s kid probably looks back fondly on those school days when a substitute science teacher would turn on an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Unfortunately the show went off the air in 1998, but Bill Nye was back on TV recently --€” bow-tie and all --€” when he stopped by MLB Central to talk baseball science.

Among the many gems from the beloved scientist was a new invention that little league coaches everywhere would probably love to own. Nye invented a special type of fungo bat that he's calling a "Fang-go" bat. Now coaches can not only hit ground balls and pop flies to players; they can also use the bat to pick up balls so they don't have to bend over.

The fangs for grabbing the baseball are specially designed to grip the ball perfectly while still allowing the user to pull the baseball out.

This is the mark of a true genius.


Although the full clip of Bill Nye's visit is a little long, it is worth the watch for any baseball fan, science fan or '90s kid feeling nostalgic about their childhood.