U Mad, Bro? How to Dominate Ohio State in 140 Characters

This vocal group of Ohio State fans on Twitter wouldn’t contradict themselves in 2016, would they?

Social media outlets like Twitter are an incredible platform used by most all to voice their opinions. Whether right or wrong, we can all say whatever we please and there is nobody there to really hold us accountable.

Until there is, of course.

Thankfully, there is a thing called the search function. I went to Twitter and typed in the words “Alabama deserve division” in hopes to find 5 year old tweets by Ohio State fans complaining about Alabama being in the 2011 National Championshi p without winning the SEC West.

ICYMI: Tweets of the game – SEC Championship

For those that haven’t turned on a television in days, Ohio State is now playing for a National Championship in the College Football Playoffs without winning their own division.

This vocal group of Ohio State fans wouldn’t contradict themselves in 2016, would they?

First, I explained myself to my followers.

Simple enough. These Buckeye fans had no idea that I had their tweets from 2011 or early 2012 saved. John seems to think it should be allowed now that his favorite team is in the exact same situation.

Dana thought I was tweeting him because I’m scared of Urban Meyer.

Mikey ended up changing his twitter handle and putting his profile on private after being exposed. That sounds like a joke, but it’s not.

Markus now thinks things like body of work and resume’s matter instead of winning your division. I wonder why?

It’s definitely not BS when it happens to Ohio State. Only when it happens to Alabama.

That brings us to the final Buckeye fan that I tried to bait. Much to his credit, he mostly stuck to his same opinion from 2011. While I set out to give him a hard time, I do think it’s worth nothing that at least one of them isn’t contradicting.

I can’t say that I got too many of them to reply after this, outside of the guy that shut down his account, but the two I can send out are still pretty hilarious. Justin clearly doesn’t know how the search function works, but I accepted his congratulations anyways.

Dana thinks showing him words that he typed is harassment, apparently

Even rival fans come together to hate Ohio State.

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