Reaction from Saban, YouTube, Twitter after Auburn’s stunning victory

The play that ended that highlight up there went 109 yards — okay, 100 according to NCAA rules — and it changed this season of college football completely.

Gone is Alabama’s red carpet walk to the BCS title game. Revived are Ohio State’s hopes to get there. And now, out of seemingly nowhere, Auburn is in the mix too, with a date next Saturday in the SEC title game.

The Iron Bowl was epic, and there was no shortage of reaction from around the football-loving world. Here is how the people responded, from Nick Saban to fans to, yes, even Ohio State players.

Check it out.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban

Auburn’s Chris Davis, who returned the missed field goal

Auburn’s athletic director, on the chances of being shut out of the BCS title game

Auburn fans on YouTube

A loving wife looks on as her husband goes nuts and tackles their son:

Stop it, you’re scaring the dog:

Ohio State players

The Twitterverse

A MIRACLE AT JORDAN-HARE PART 2! AUDIO HIGHLIGHT of Chris Davis’ unbelievable GW TD: #AUVoice #IronBowl @FootballAU

Chris Davis! He caught the field goal and ran it 100 yards for a TOUCHDOWN! AUBURN WINS!

BREAKING NEWS: Nick Saban refuses to buy his family Christmas gifts for fear of them being returned

Nick Saban is really glad he lobbied so hard for that extra second.

Katherine Webb is sorry, AJ:

That is one of THE BEST football games I’ve ever seen. What a wild ending!! #IronBowl

The #IronBowl was one the craziest games I’ve ever seen!

I stopped into a Chili’s at Charlotte Airport to watch the play. Place went nuts. Cooks came out kitchen wondering what the hell happened!

That’s why you have to LOVE #SEC football. Our one loss SEC championship teams still deserve to go to the national championship! Just saying

"Sorry AJ, I’m going to Chris Davis’s Dorm. I’ll see you later."

What does victory look like? THIS.

Is it just me.. when Nick Saban loses does it feel just as good as when the patriots lose? HELL YEAH

The final play of the Alabama/Auburn game was executed the way every team calls it. To the return team’s sideline.

@SageRosenfels18 why is that?

@knucklechild75: why is that?” The kicking team may not realize the situation and jog toward their own bench.

Love my team!! Salute to AU players Great program but let me say this we win & lose as a team. If u blame this on 1 guy U aren’t a true fan!

I just witnessed the most incredible sporting event I’ve ever seen in my life. War damn eagle. Only 1 more second.

It’s a wipe out!! The scene at Toomer’s Corner in Auburn,Al. @PaulPabst @HiMyNameIsSeton