The Mayfield to OU transfer saga just won’t end

Saturday's game is going to be an emotional one for Baker Mayfield.
Brendan Maloney/Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not Texas Tech is still hurting from Baker Mayfield's decision to transfer to Oklahoma varies depending on who you ask. Some are just fine with it. Others however, are not.

But how does Mayfield, himself, feel?

“It's human nature to try and get revenge. That's just how everybody works,” Mayfield said. “But I've got to focus on doing my job — and my job only — and that's executing my stuff and helping our team win.”

Mayfield got to Tech as a walk-on, originally, and earned the starting role as a freshman. He led the Red Raiders to a 5-0 record but then got injured. Once he returned, he wasn't the same player.

So he decided to start fresh.

“He's ready,” OU cornerback Zack Sanchez said. “He's definitely amped and ready to go, but who wouldn't be?”

(h/t Dallas Morning News)