More cowbell? Mississippi State fans set Guinness world record

Need more cowbell? Don’t worry: Mississippi State’s got plenty to go around.

At a pep rally Thursday night, Mississippi State fans set an official Guinness world record, with 5,748 people at Davis Wade Stadium ringing cowbells simultaneously. That shattered the previous world record, which was only 640 (set in Switzerland in 2009).

Watch the clip below, which was posted on the Bulldogs’ official Twitter account:

Since cowbells are fan favorites at Mississippi State games, it’s likely that the record has been broken on many occasions. But this was the first time the number of ringers had been officially counted.

Among those in attendance were starting quarterback and Heisman candidate Dak Prescott, who got the crowd of more than 15,000 pumped up before the official attempt; wide receiver De’Runnya Wilson; and a handful of other players.

Below is the presentation of the Guinness certificate, one that’s going to be tough to pry from the Bulldogs’ paws.