An off-key note: LSU halftime show featuring OneRepublic is canceled

For those OneRepublic fans expecting to see the group in Tiger Stadium this month, you’ll have to find another time to see your beloved band. 

OneRepublic was supposed to join LSU’s Golden Band for a halftime performance on Oct. 17 during the Florida game. According to The Times-Picayune, these plans have been canceled. The LSU Athletic Department released a statement about the canceled event. According to LSU, the show promoter, College Live, did not abide by the contractual terms. 

According to College Live CEO Don Green, "We just could not raise enough capital to be able to put the show on."

While some surely will be disappointed to not hear ‘Stop and Stare’ in person, Green made it a point to compliment LSU and the pop group. 

"LSU was fantastic. OneRepublic’s people were fantastic," said Green. "I guess the biggest thing is the disappointment of not being able to do this for the great fans of LSU. But we gave it our best effort, and we just came up short."



(h/t The Times-Picayune)