Jimbo Fisher: Jameis Winston ‘made some mistakes like any other kid’

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher passed through Mobile, Alabama, on Thursday for a speaking engagement, and, predictably, was asked about his star quarterback Jameis Winston.

Winston, of course, hasn’t had a quiet offseason after a sexual assault case surfaced last fall in which he was not charged. Let’s not forget Crabgate.

So, naturally, when made available to media in Winston’s home state, Fisher was going to be asked about the offseason’s events. Fisher acknowledged Winston’s errors and said he has learned from then before expanding, telling reporters:

In April, a New York Times report revealed the weaknesses in the sexual assult case’s investigation, bringing strong criticism on FSU and the Tallahassee Police Department and prolonging a public storm Winston was trying to evade.

Then, a couple weeks later, Winston was cited for shoplifting crab legs and other seafood at a Florida grocery store, which resulted in a suspension from the FSU baseball team until he completed community service.


It was enough negative attention that Winston’s dad even suggested he wants Florida State to provide his son with a 24/7 handler.

Winston called the minor shoplifting incident a moment of "youthful ignorance," and that probably can be included in the bin of mistakes "any other kid at that age" might make.


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