Will FSU’s social media ban pay off?

Florida State has reportedly instituted an even more comprehensive social media ban than it did last year.

On Tuesday, the team confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel that it will swear off Facebook and Instagram to go along with its Twitter ban from last year.

"We’ve got each other," senior receiver, and prolific tweeter, Kenny Shaw (10,449 followers; 17,913 tweets) told the paper. "We don’t need to tweet. We’ve got a family right here. We were banned last year, and it worked in a positive way."

Now, he’ll be idle.

"That was something their Unity Council wanted," coach Jimbo Fisher told the Sentinel. "They like it, they thought it would eliminate clutter and the things that go on."

According to the story, the Twitter elimination first began two years ago “after players were subjugated to derogatory, profanity-laced tweets following a midseason loss at Wake Forest” with an all-out ban beginning last season, reportedly after players’ tweets were picked up on blogs with commentaries concerning things like shooting police officers, which obviously failed to reflect well on the university.

Under the 2012 ban, the team won 12 games, tying the 1993 and ’99 teams for the most wins in a single season.