Buckeyes coach reveals little about himself

Jim Tressel has been the coach at Ohio State for a decade of

success – yet few know much about him when he’s not wearing that

vest and a tightly knotted tie on the sideline.

On Saturday against Indiana, his second-ranked team can give him

his 100th win with the Buckeyes. He says only that he’s more

concerned about his Buckeyes just getting to 6-0 this season.

He says he’s never watched the greatest game of his career, Ohio

State’s double-overtime victory over Miami at the 2003 Fiesta Bowl

that gave the school its first national championship in 34


Asked how long he’ll coach at Ohio State, he avoids the


A master recruiter, a friend to his players, a good guy to work

for – still Tressel remains an enigma to many.