Bielema’s goal of 200 rushing and passing yards finally a reality?

One of the biggest surprises in the SEC after the first weekend of games was the play of Brandon Allen. The Razorback quarterback played so well, he in fact leads the league in passing after the first game of the season. 

Despite having his doubters coming into the season, his head coach wasn’t at all surprised by the results. 

"I’m a coach that loves to win games," Bielema said during Wednesday’s SEC teleconference. "The better balance we have, the better we will be. I want balance, we have the capability to be effective in the pass game. No doubt in my mind BA can make every throw."

Bielema has long stating that his goal for the offense was to average 200 yards on the ground as well as 200 through the air. With his senior quarterback firing on all cylinders, it appears that lofty goal is well within range this season.


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